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Mar. 14, 2003 01:42 pm

today you caught me cutting school with that boy danny, the boy you don't like. oh daddy, i'm so sorry i lied to you about it! it always amazes me, however each time you catch me lying. it's like you know when i'm attempting to deceive you.

i stand in your office in our house, scared in the school uniform i still wear. my hands play with the hem of my navy blue skirt that falls half way down my thighs. once in awhile i'll straighten the invisible wrinkles i see on my crisp short-sleeve oxford shirt.

you arch an eye brow, thinking as you tap a pen on your desk calendar. i can't bear to look at you behind the desk, i don't know what’s going to happen next.

"jenny," you say, "you know that you have done a very bad thing today. after all the money i pay to put you in a good school you betray me. fifteen years old and this is what you do, with that-that boy!"

tears form in my eyes. i look down to my mary janes in shame.

"i'm sorry, daddy!" i apologize. "i won't do that or see danny again-"

"save it," you interrupt. "i will be the one to choose your punishment this time, instead of your mother. in fact, we won't even tell your mother about this incident."

i'm confused. you usually tell mama everything...

"come here, my little jenny and sit on my desk in front of me like a good little girl.”

i walk over, my hands gripping my skirt. unsure, i slowly hoist myself onto your desk and look at you, wondering what you are going to do?

"now, my little daughter, what were you and that boy doing today when i caught you in his car?"

"uh...” blood rush to my cheeks. i can't tell you that! i can't tell you about playing "baseball" this afternoon with danny, even though you caught his hands under my skirt with my legs wide open to give him unlimited access!

with a gentle hand you lift my chin to look right into your eyes. "look at me jenny. now tell me, did you enjoy it?"

swallowing nervously, i say "yes." oh yes i enjoy being a little slut. i'm sick of being the innocent girl in my grade! i want to know what all the other girls are talking about!

you chuckle, making me even more embarrassed. "ah, jenny. that danny, he's only seventeen. he knows nothing. i think i need to teach you what a real man is like."

you put your hands on each of my knees and spread them gently, revealing my cotton white panties with a baby pink bow at the band. you slide your hands beneath my skirt to my derriere and tug at the waistband of my panties. i lift myself slightly and watch you in awe as you slide them off, throwing them to the side. i lean with my hands behind me as you lift my legs to view my private world.

"now jenny, why don't you have any hair on your pussy?"

blood rush to my cheeks again. "danny waxed it for me. he said that he likes his girls bald."

a deep chuckle rise from your throat. "sounds like danny and i have a lot in common. now tell me, has danny kissed your pussy before?"

i shake my head. "no."

"tell me what he's done to you."

i take a deep breath. "he... he likes to put his fingers inside me... he likes to see me without any panties."

"he's never licked you?"


you smile. "then he's not a man. i'm going to make you feel good, my little jenny. and i want to know what my little girl tastes like."

i watch your head dip and disappear under the waves of my skirt. the first feeling of your hot wet tongue jolts me! it feels weirdly invading, but since you're my daddy, it must be okay. your tongue teases the nub of my clit, flicking the button a few times, making it grow harder. i whimper as you suckle at my clit. my pussy feels strangely wet as you continue to tease my button. i lean back further as you press my legs up and farther apart to give you better access of the rest of me.

"oh daddy," i breathe as your tongue travels father south, creating a wet trail of your saliva down to my hole that danny loves to finger. you tease at my opening a few times, tasting the juice i was starting to flow and exploring the smoothness of the fresh pink skin. finally you shape your tongue narrowly and slip past the folds to fuck my juicy hole with your tongue.

oh daddy this is so amazing, i think! i'll have to ask danny to do this to me sometime! your tongue fucks my hole so wet and so good. i never want this to stop. i wonder if i disobey you again you would invade my hole like this again?

i look to the side where you have a full length mirror. the site of me sitting on your desk with my legs high and wide open with your head buried into my pussy excites me. my cheeks are flushed, my eyebrows are furrowed in excruciating excitement, and my lips are slightly apart breathing heavily.

"this feels so good daddy," i tell you.

you stop briefly to say, "this is what it's like to have a real man eat your pretty little pussy, baby."

well whatever this is called it feels too damn good to stop. there's been times when i stomp into your room without knocking and catch your head between mama's legs with mama screaming things like "eat, eat, eat my cunt!" but i never understood it. or the time when the maid was sitting on top of the island in the kitchen with her legs open with you kneeling in front of her...

suddenly you stop. "daddy!" i beg, but you stand, your face wet with the liquids of your very own daughter.

"i think it's time i teach you how to please a man."

my eyes grow wide as you undo your belt and your slacks. you quickly push down your boxers, revealing this very hard looking "penis."

you take my hands and put them on you. "this, my jenny, is called a cock. pretend it's a popsicle, baby."

i look up at you in shock. the only penises i've ever seen are the diagrams in health class and they looked significantly smaller. i've never even seen danny's... and you want me to-

"yes, baby, suck it. put your mouth on daddy's cock."

i lick my lips nervously and lean forward to take this cock into my mouth. the muscle feels warm and smooth with some soft bumps, i guess from the veins. you push yourself far into my mouth and i gag in surprise.

"my jenny," you chuckle. "i'm going to train you to deep throat one of these days. it'll take lots of practice. For now, just put me as far as you can into your mouth."

i nod and continue to push you in and out of my mouth. now, this isn't so bad. it's actually kind of fun. i see that the faster i suck you the more you groan. i wonder what would happen if i use my hand to help?

"ah!" you groan. "i've got a little whore for a daughter!"

you seem pleased, i figure as i continue to use my tongue to soak, to massage, to suck your big delicious cock. in, out, in, out, in, out. my other hand find your balls and i find that when i play with them too you give me more praises. i think i'm beginning to like this...

i take you out of my mouth and flick my tongue at the tip of you. like the popsicle you said, i pretend to take up the melting juices by licking the length of you. i work my tongue up and down until i’ve licked up every inch, then work down to your balls. gently, i take your left sack and in a sucking motion, you pop into my mouth. my tongue plays with you, making sloppy wet patterns until you bark at me to do the same to the other one. of course, i oblige to your demands and suck at your other ball.

"come on baby, put your mouth back on daddy's cock so i can give you a little treat."

my lips let loose of your sack and my tongue travels up again to the very tip of you just to shove your cock down my throat again. i think i'm getting the hang of this! in my peripheral vision i see my head bobbing up and down madly in the mirror with your hand in my hair.

the next thing that happens is unbelievable... a little bit of liquid tasting salty and warm comes out of you. i try to back away, but your hands behind my head wouldn't let me.

"that's it, jenny, taste daddy's precum. ah, my little cock-sucking slut."

i continue working on your cock until you finally lift my head away from you harshly and push me back on the desk. your hands touch the band of my skirt and to my shock, rip it in half!


"be quiet jenny!" you yell.

i sit still on your desk, scared as you push my legs up and wide open again.

"look down, baby. i want you to see your daddy's cock going into his little girl's pussy."

i do as i am told. you take your right hand and try to guide it into my pussy, but i am too tight. i see the a half smile forming on your face as you finally with great force push your cock into my pussy. i yelp at the pain from the combination of both your cock popping my cherry and stretching me.

smiling widely and ignoring at the tears forming in my eyes, you say "so my baby girl is a virgin. what a good little girl to save it for your daddy!"

i want to tell you to stop what you are doing because of the pain, but i don't dare go against you right now. my lower lip shakes as you pull yourself slightly out and then in again.

"the pain will go away in a little bit, darling," you assure. "just relax and enjoy your daddy fucking your fresh little pussy. fuck, you're tight!"

i relax a little bit as your cock fucked my virgin pussy and feel the pain melting away finally. now i know why the girls at school are addicted to "getting fucked"! it's so incredible to have your pussy filled with some good cock.

"mmm," i moan, closing my eyes.

"so my little girl likes this," you notice. "what a terrific little pussy you got baby. so good, so young, so tight. i'm going to share you to my poker buddies on wednesday night. would you like to be daddy's little whore to be passed around, like you've seen your mother?"

poker games are usually off-limits to me, but i remember once when i walked in by accident and saw my mother on the table with her legs up getting fucked by the post man, mr. miller while she sucked daddy's cock. nearby uncle david, daddy's accountant mr. o'reilly and daddy's friend mr. robinson stood watching the show, stoking their cocks while they waited their turn to get a piece of mama. i imagine myself now, letting all the older men touch me in my private spots, fucking me, making me suck their cocks.

"oh yes, daddy!" i nod enthusiastically.

"good girl," you say and suddenly start thrusting faster and harder into my pussy. i'm not sure if it's because my pussy is so tight or if you really do have a big cock, but i love the feeling of getting stretched like a rubber band. i also like the sound of you slapping into me.

at that thought, i look down at your cock spearing into my pussy. i bring back the wonderful memories of your tongue on my pussy again and this afternoon when you caught me in danny's truck while i had danny's fingers inside my hole. this feels amazing but i wonder what it would feel if you went even faster and harder?

"please, daddy fuck me faster, daddy, harder, daddy," i beg.

oh, daddy you bang me all right. i hear you grunt in every very hard thrust you bang into my tight little fuck-hole. i scream in this madness. i may be a virgin but you can tell that i'm on my way to become a terrific fuck for anyone's taking.

your hands grip tighter at top of my thighs as you feel yourself cumming. looking down, you see your hard tool going inside your very own daughter's tight, bald, cotton-candy pink virgin cunt. you know that your cock is the only one that has ever been inside this untouched land. and the tightness... my walls contract tightly to your movements, like my cunt is begging for her daddy's cum to spill inside to keep as a souvenir.

"ah!" you gasp as you feel your cum travel through you and shoot your hot, hot jizm inside this young hole. it feels like gallons of you spurting out, hitting my walls, covering your cock with your own cum.

i close my eyes happily as you stand there, your cock still inside of me, recovering.

"oh daddy, that was... beautiful."

you smile and kiss me on the head. "daddy's little girl."

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